Now there is a hand to maintain…

Every single yr about 8 million Individuals put up with the dying of a person close to them. Now for thse who encounter the challenges of unexpected dying, there is a hand to maintain, composed by two ladies who have professional unexpected decline. This current edition of the best-marketing…

I Wasn T Ready To Say Goodbye

ISBN 10 : 9781402234330
ISBN 13 : 1402234333

Now there is a hand to hold... Each year about eight million Americans suffer the death of someone close to them. Now for thse who face the challenges of sudden death, there is a h..

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I Told You I Wasn T Perfect

ISBN 10 : 9781617491474
ISBN 13 : 1617491470

In 1968, 24-year old Denny McLain turned the baseball world upside down by winning 31 games for the Detroit Tigers. McLain was also a musician. After he won both the MVP and Cy You..

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I Wasn T Born In A Pew Or Raised In A Barn

ISBN 10 : 1449715508
ISBN 13 : 9781449715502

If you have ever felt like life was too tough to handle, then I Wasn't Born in a Pew or Raised in a Barn is for you. Drew Flores has had his ups and downs in life, but because of h..

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The Day I Wasn T There

ISBN 10 : 9780810123649
ISBN 13 : 0810123649

Tragedy and comedy intimately and movingly mingle in Helene Cixous's The Day I Wasn't There. Its narrator, who resembles Cixous, recounts the birth and death of her first child, a ..

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When You Thought I Wasn T Looking

ISBN 10 : 9780740787720
ISBN 13 : 0740787721

"When I wrote a tribute for my mother years ago, I never anticipated it would take a worldwide journey. Nonetheless, that is exactly what happened. The story I am about to share wi..

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I Never Said I Wasn T Difficult

ISBN 10 : 1563976390
ISBN 13 : 9781563976391

Poems describe the experiences and emotions of growing up, including asking questions, friends, love, loneliness, depression, anger, and popularity...

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Where I Wasn T Going

ISBN 10 : 9781633553118
ISBN 13 : 1633553116

"The Spaceman's Lament" concerned a man who wound up where he wasn't going ... but the men on Space Station One knew they weren't going anywhere. Until Confusion set in......

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If I Wasn T Me

ISBN 10 : 9780557059508
ISBN 13 : 055705950X

Oh how wonderful to have an imagination. To dream of bigger and different things. That's just what Jerry James does to become someone or something else only to realize being himsel..

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I Wasn T Going To Take It Anymore

ISBN 10 : 9781606475959
ISBN 13 : 1606475959

Patricia B. Hogenes has written a book that is long overdue for domestic violence victims. As a past victim, and survivor of abuse, Patricia has found a way to reach out to those s..

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