A broken man. A twist of fate. A second chance. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Mistletoe Promise and The Walk comes the first novel in a riveting new trilogy that explores the tantalizing question: What if you could start over?

Chicago celebrity, Charles James can’t shake…

The Broken Road

ISBN 10 : 1410489655
ISBN 13 : 9781410489654

A New York Times Bestselling AuthorChicago celebrity Charles James can't shake the nightmare that wakes him each night. He's walking down a long, broken highway the sides of which ..

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Broken Promises

ISBN 10 : 099805111X
ISBN 13 : 9780998051116

The Sequel to the sexy, suspenseful novel The Broken Road."Not a day had gone by that I didn't dream about Shane, that one day he would come home to us. I imagined that our days wo..

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God Bless The Broken Road

ISBN 10 : 9781501159596
ISBN 13 : 1501159593

God Bless the Broken Road is a heartwarming story about a grieving army widow who finds her way back to her daughter, her faith, and a new love. Amber Hill never imagined she would..

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ISBN 10 : 2253033979
ISBN 13 : 9782253033974

Henry Chinaski, c'est Bukowski lui-même, un écrivain alcoolique et grand amateur de femmes. Elles défilent dans ce récit, véritables créatures felliniennes, Lydia Vance qui s..

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Les Mes Bris Es

ISBN 10 : 2742730451
ISBN 13 : 9782742730452

Après le suicide de sa fille, dont il fut tenu pour responsable, Jake Heke n'est plus tout à fait comme ses frères maoris de la banlieue d'Auckland. Pour lui, l'ordre des choses..

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The Broken Road

ISBN 10 : 0195696344
ISBN 13 : 9780195696349

A.E.W. Mason's The Broken Road is the fourth novel in the 'Lesser-known Raj Fiction' series edited by Ralph Crane. A gripping adventure romance of the Frontier first published in 1..

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